Fame! I’m gonna live forever

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Last night Vicki went to a Library 20×20.  That is a group of presentations where the speakers talk to 20 slides – 20 secs per slide.  Of all the presentations the one from Ellen Forsyths of the SLNSW stood out – mainly because she featured the Readers in the Mist blog…. (have a look at slide 10).   

Enjoy the presentation http://tiny.cc/cg9xx. If you click on the Speaker Notes tab under the slideshow you can see what Ellen was saying with each slide – makes the whole thing make more sense. Here’s OUR page :

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Have a larf and take some notes . . .

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I’m having to post this to satisfy Sue’s curiosity as I guffaw with laughter.

Take a look at this post in Big Al’s Books And Pals blog and then the author and blog reader responses. It gets wilder and funnier the further you go.

This is getting a lot of attention in the bloggosphere.

And take note any budding BMCL staff writers on how not to behave in the face of constuctive criticism.

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Life in 2010

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I’ve mentioned the Awful Library Books blog before. The Awful Library Books blog highlights examples of bad library holdings. “The items featured here are so old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid that we are horrified that people might be actually checking these items out and depending on the information.” I subscribe to it via an RSS feed and it’s still one of my favourite blogs.

Today this gem from 1973 was featured :

Is that a teacher taking a class remotely – not too far off the mark in terms of what technology is capable of these days – teleconferencing etc. At the State Library Murder @ the Metcalfe seminar we had a video link via Skype for one of the sessions.

And the bit of text we can see in the following picture seems to be accurately describing air conditioning (did we have that in 1973 too?)

But thank goodness they got it wrong about what we’d be wearing!

Heidi 😉

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Shelf analysis

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The New Yorker has begun a new feature in its Book Bench blog recently. Called the Subconcious Shelf, it invites readers to submit a photograph of their bookshelf, and The New Yorker will tell them what it says about them.

Dare I????

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Having read about it in the Blogger Buzz blog, I’ve just installed Zemanta on my home computer. What’s Zemanta? It’s a program that makes adding pictures, web links and post labels to your blogs easy peasy.

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Here’s a list of stuff Zemanta does:

  1. As you write your blog post, Zemanta opens up next to the Blogger post editor screen. After you’ve written something Zemanta looks at the words in your post and suggests images and video that may be relevant to your post and then, with just one click you can insert the picture/video into your post, saving you from having to trawl google images for a suitable picture and saving it to your ‘puter somewhere before using the uploader to get the picture in your blog. I used it in this here post to add the Zemanta logo thingy.
  2. Zemanta looks at what URLs (web page addresses) might be appropriate. These appear immediately below the post editor in Blogger, and by clicking on them you automatically create the links. This time you save the time it would take you to copy the URL from the website (after you’d spent time looking for it) and then going to Edit Html and entering the URL for it to be turned in to a link as I showed you in a recent post.
  3. Zemanta suggests labels for your post based on the text of your post.
  4. Finally, “Latest Update” gives you a list of blog posts from other blogs writing about similar topics. It’s a great way to discover sites talking about similar topics, and if you’d like to point your readers to those articles for further reading, clicking on them in the sidebar inserts them as “Related reading” links at the bottom of your post (see below).

If you have a few minutes, the following video will show you how it all works.



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In lean times and fat times alike, the public library is the one place where it’s always OK to overindulge

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Here’s an article from a newspaper in Cincinnati, USA that’ll boost morale : What libraries are worth to us. The article came to me via Stephen’s Lighthouse. He picked out a couple favourite quotes from the article so I will too:

  • Young and old come together peaceably here, rich and poor, readers of mysteries and lovers of ancient philosophy. A library is a bastion of non-judgementalism and one of society’s great equalizers.
  • Equally appealing is the library’s unusual status as an intensely private public space. It’s the one place you can move in the presence of others without saying a word and not be thought rude. The library “dance” is the epitome of socialized behavior, strangers gracefully giving way to one another . . .
  • And from the Comments: One other thing about libraries that she didn’t mention in the article is that they don’t care what you look like or believe. The library is blind and proud of it.


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A new blog to follow

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I was alerted to this in the Fiction-L reader’s advisory list.

The Awfullibrarybooks blog is a collection of the worst library holdings. “The items featured here are so old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid that we are horrified that people might be actually checking these items out and depending on the information. This blog contains actual library holdings. No specific libraries or librarians are named to protect the guilty. Check your shelves, it could be you”.

As an EXCELLENT example of their craft, read this entry (the picture is a taster) – it contains a dire warning about what happens when you don’t follow a regular weeding program . . .


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Speed reading?

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Trawling through my blog feeds this morning I came across this in the (often hilarious) Bookninja blog :

Another of my favourite blogs is the People Reading blog, the author of which travels around taking photographs of people reading, mostly in San Francisco. (Sadly there haven’t been any posts there for several weeks and I am missing it). Anyway, as well as the photo and the title of the book being read, there is usually a little blurb about why they chose that book, their favourite books and authors. Don’t know why, but I find the whole thing fascinating.

Anyway, it all got me to wondering where your favourite place to read is? My favourite place is in bed – and that’s not only because we are still waiting for the man to return the furniture he has been renovating for the past 8 months!


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