Kindle Unlimited – publishers alarmed

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Kindle Unlimited: it’s the end of losing yourself in a good book

Amazon’s leaked ‘Netflix for books’ plan will alarm publishers – and doom old-fashioned anonymous reading
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Library news

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. How desperate are we? 

A Pole, dancing

A Pole, dancing

Library turns to pole dancing to entice new readers – I’m going to Scotland in May, I’ll check it out. Perhaps I can write my travel expenses off as work related then? – HC

The end of the world as we know it?

BiblioTech: The First Bookless Library – “It’s not a replacement for the (city) library system, it’s an enhancement”

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Australia world leading in eBook adoption and awareness

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From a Digital Publishing Australia blog entry “Australia world leading in eBook adoption and awareness: more than 1 in 5 buying eBooks

“Australia, India, the UK and the US are leading the world in eBook adoption rates, according to Bowker Market Research’s Global eBook Monitor.  More than 20% of Australian respondents reported purchasing eBooks in the six months prior to the survey. Australians are also very aware of how to purchase digital titles with 90% of respondents  stating they knew how to download an eBook.”

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Back to the future

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These illustrations are by French artist Villemard in 1910 of how he imagined the future to be in the year 2000.  He’s pretty close . . .

More pictures here.


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Amazon unveils $200 Kindle Fire tablet

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29 September 2011

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has shown off the Kindle Fire, a $US199 ($201) tablet computer, challenging Apple’s iPad by extending its Kindle brand into the world of full-colour, multipurpose devices.

Read more in thisSMH article. There’s a video there explaining things.

It’s only available in the US just now and I couldn’t see anywhere in the article any date for selling elsewhere.

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Are books dead, and can authors survive?

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At the Edinburgh international book festival this weekend, Ewan Morrison set out his bleak vision of a publishing industry in terminal decline.  Morrison thinks that within 25 years paper books will no longer exist and that writing, as a profession, will cease to exist.

Read his argument here.

What do you think?

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More eBook news from the State Library

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The State Library is pleased to announce the pilot of its EBook Library (EBL) service has now begun!

This collection is comprised of 2,500 Australian books, mainly academic in nature and all being e-versions of published books held in the Library. This service is aimed at people who either can’t get in to use the collection or would like to use the book for a longer period of time or at another location and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

From the Library website click on the eresources link on the right hand side, then go to Access from Home and then scroll down to Ebook Library and log in.

You will have to be a registered State Library user to use this service, but once you’ve logged on just follow the directions and download as many books as you want. Each book will last on your device for 14 days, after which it will become inactive and you will need to re-borrow it if required.

To become a registered borrower, go to the Library website and follow the link How do I?…. get a library card for details.

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ebooks : learning 2.0 update

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This has been copied holus bolus from the State Library’s Public Library Services blog – if you don’t already subscribe to it, consider doing so, it’s a great way to keep up to date with Library news for NSW and beyond.

This article fits nicely with the eReader training that permanent staff are undertaking this financial year.


So here’s the post :

Have you read an ebook? 

ALA TechSource blog recently highlighted A Fantastic Reading List on e-books and e-readers in libraries from Sue Polanka.  You might like to add ALA Techsource blog to your rss feeds or follow them on twitter.

Think about various ebook resources you could try out (if you have not yet read any ebooks) or which you could let you readers know about.  Some of these options would work well for reading groups.

  • Kindle reading is not just for kindles.  Did you know you could install Kindle reader software on most pcs, tablets and many phones?  You can then download free titles (basically out of copyright classics) to try out an ereader for yourself or you can buy titles if you wish.
  • Kobo also has smart phone based reading options, if you don’t have a dedicated ebook reader.  They have a wide range of classics you can try for free.  You can also choose to buy titles, but you don’t have to.
  • MegaReader is an app for iPhones which has ‘heads up’ reading option which means you can walk and read and still see where you are walking.  As well as being able to access classics this app provides access to free in print titles by authors who choose to make free electronic versions of their titles available.  These authors include Cory Doctorow and Eric Flint. So, for example you can enjoy reading For the win as an ebook.

Cory Doctorow

You might want to explore further with 10 Interesting and Innovative E-Books/Apps.   This is not an exhaustive list of ebook options, but will provide you with some ideas to explore, and some sites to promote to your readers.

It’s never too late to update your social networking / web 2.0 skills so check out the NSW Public Libraries Learning 2.0 course or the 2.1 update.  If you need help getting started (or restarted) please contact Ellen or Mylee in Public Library Services.

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Next Generation eBooks

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Take a look at this :

The bit at 02:43 is just WOW!

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The Future Of Libraries In The E-Book Age

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In the eBook age, libraries worry they may become obsolete, publishers worry they won’t make money…

A lot of attention has been focused on the way bookstores and publishing companies are managing the e-book revolution. The role of libraries has often been overlooked. But when HarperCollins Publishing Co. recently announced a new policy that would limit the number of times its e-books can be borrowed, it sparked a larger conversation about the future of libraries in the digital age.

 From npr, see full article here

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