Which kind of Librarian are you?

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Here’s a bit of fun. Which kind of Librarian are you?

Take the quiz and then let us know in the Comments.



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Decoding The Summer Reading Challenge!

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Remember those little invisble ink pens we gave out to children this year to promote the Summer Reading Challenge? Well, desk staff in Springwood were presented with a challenge when a family returned what appeared to be blank Summer Reading Challenge sheets recently. It turned out that the kids thought they were meant to write their book details in with invisible ink! Below is a picture of Sue doing some high-tech spy work to uncover the secret codes 🙂

Top secret!

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From the archive, 13 August 1966: A new chapter begins as libraries welcome technology

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Oh the wonder! This from The Guardian newspaper archives :

A book to be published on Monday claims that library work involving records of stock can be automated, and some of it should be. “The Computer and the Library” by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne says computers would speed processing, reduce costs, and increase exposure of books to readers in some cases.

The authors are two research workers and a librarian at the university, who have been studying in their spare time the problems of computers in library work.

The most expensive and time-consuming task in operating a computer, they say, is preparing information to feed into it. Once this is done, the more it is used, the more efficient the system becomes. Once a main catalogue is in a form to read by the computer the maintenance of the catalogue file will probably not require much more cost or effort than do card catalogues at present.

Computer files can be rearranged in different order and copied quickly by using the computer as a printing machine. The most startling change the computer is likely to bring to the university librarian is the return of the printed book catalogue.

With a computer, one could print very quickly, for example, a list of all books printed in Spain before 1800, or all books on mathematics published in England since 1955, in answer to requests for bibliographies.

House of Commons library plans axed

Two plans to provide new library accommodation in the House of Commons have come under the Government’s economy axe.

A report from the Select Committee on the House of Commons (services) says that instead of two possible schemes which would have cost £150,000 and £70,000, it now recommends that the present Speaker’s library should be made part of the library suite of rooms.

The Speaker agreed to this and it was decided to add the Serjeant-at-Arms’ state reception room to the Speaker’s house. The Serjeant-at-Arms agreed, provided that reasonable access to the room was provided for him.

The committee is recommending that two doors, at a cost of £1,000 each, are provided to give access for the Serjeant-of-Arms to the present reception room.

The two schemes which were dropped proposed a three-storey building over the present members’ tea rooms and reading room, costing £150,000, or a mezzanine floor over the whole length of the corridor from the Speaker’s house to the lower waiting hall, providing about 2,500 square feet of floor space at a cost of £70,000.

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Real Housewives of Shakespeare

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Found on Book Patrol

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Blue Mountains Librarians Running Riot!

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Who LOVES2READ? We do!

Here is our own Love2Read take on Björk’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ song from the ‘90s (click here to see the original). Our version is called ‘It’s Storytime!’ and the video clip features a few familiar faces…


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Diagram Prize 2012

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One of my fave literary prizes.

The Diagram Prize is awarded by The Bookseller magazine each year to the book with the oddest title. The prize began in 1978 as a way of alleviating boredom at the Frankfurt Book Fair with Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice its inaugural winner.

The 2012 shortlisted titles are :

  • A Century of Sand Dredging in the Bristol Channel: Volume Two by Peter Gosson ~ documents the sand trade from its inception in 1912 to the present day, focusing on the Welsh coast.
  • Cooking with Poo by Saiyuud Diwong ~ a Thai cookbook. It will probably spoil the fun to tell you that “Poo” is Thai for “crab” and is Diwong’s nickname.
  • Estonian Sock Patterns All Around the World by Aino Praakli ~ styles of socks and stockings found in Estonian knitting.
  • The Great Singapore Penis Panic: And the Future of American Mass Hysteria by Scott D Mendelson ~ analysis of the “Koro” psychiatric epidemic that hit Singapore in 1967.
  • Mr Andoh’s Pennine Diary: Memoirs of a Japanese Chicken Sexer in 1935 Hebden Bridge by Stephen Curry and Takayoshi Andoh ~ the story of Koichi Andoh, who travelled from Japan to Yorkshire in the 1930s to train workers at a hatchery business the art of determining the sex of one-day-old chicks.
  • A Taxonomy of Office Chairs by Jonathan Olivares ~ exhaustive overview of the evolution of the modern office chair.
  • The Mushroom in Christian Art by John A Rush ~ the author postulates that Jesus is a personification of the Holy Mushroom, Amanita Muscaria.

The prize winners for this prize are voted for by the public. Cast your vote by clicking here.

The winner will be announced on 30th March 2012.


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Podcast Episode 2 is now online

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Listeners in the Mist podcast episode 2, with lovely guest Maxine Scutella, is online now. This month’s Love2Read theme is ‘Laugh’. You can download it here: www.listenersinthemist.podbean.com or search for ‘Listeners in the Mist’ in iTunes.

Please contact Naomi if you would like to be interviewed on the podcast – it’s only short (around 5 mins) and fun!

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What’s your alter ego?

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Not something I could post on Readers in the Mist, this article from the Sunday Mercury in the English midlands makes my pluttering about in my firefighter yellows seem so tame!

Sutton Coldfield librarian works as a naked butler

Russell Davies is a dedicated librarian by day and a NAKED butler by night – “There’s quite a contrast,” he says.  – NO KIDDING!

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Babies can read!

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This lovely video was shared on Facebook by the National Year of Reading folks. It’s of a baby girl ‘reading’ to her father.

The wee one is having a wonderful time pretending to read to her Dad and is so pleased with herself at his reaction and they share a good belly laugh together.

It’s a great example of how important it is to model the behaviour you’d like to see in your children and of the importance of reading to very young children.

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The Joy of Books

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This is a beautifully done little film . . . and it confirms what I’ve been telling you; – arranging books by colour is the only way to go!

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