New Staff Reference Titles

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These titles have recently been added to the Staff Reference collection

The Library Innovation Toolkit


“Progress for the sake of progress is all too often a drain on precious time and resources. The communities and users that libraries serve are always changing; true innovation helps libraries adapt to meet their needs and aspirations both now and in the future. This stimulating collection offers numerous snapshots of innovation in action at a range of libraries, showcasing ideas and initiatives that will inspire librarians at their own institutions.”

The Library Marketing Toolkit

This title also an associated website: You may also want to check the author’s website:

book2“A toolkit of ideas to inspire action. As libraries continue to fight for their survival amid growing expectations, competition from online sources and wavering public perceptions, effective marketing is increasingly becoming a critical tool to ensure the continued support of users, stakeholders and society as a whole. This unique practical guide offers expert coverage of every element of library marketing and branding for all sectors including archives and academic, public and special libraries, providing innovative and easy-to-implement techniques and ideas.”

Information Services Today

9781442239586“This book is an essential overview of what it means to be a library and information professional. Hirsh provides a broad overview of the transformation of libraries as information organizations, why these organizations are more important today than ever before, and the various career opportunities available for information professionals.”




Staff Reference titles are held outside my office @ LHQ and can be borrowed. Just put them on your card. If you want something sent to your branch, reserve the item and let someone at Library HQ know (we don’t do a pull list for those).



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New Staff Reference Titles

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These titles have been recently added to our Staff Reference. If you are interested in a title, place a reserve on it and if it is on the shelf, ask one of us at LHQ to send it to you. Or pick it up when next in Springwood and issue to your card.

Building and Managing eBook collections

Embedded Librarianship: tools and practices

Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services

The Patron Driven Library: a practical guide for managing collections and services in the digital age

new SR



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New to Staff Reference

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These titles have recently been added to our Staff Reference collection. Staff Reference titles are held outside my office and can be borrowed. Just put them on your card. If you want something sent to your branch let me know. Cheers, Patou 

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New to Reference

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Quaff 2011

So many wines, so many labels, so much choice and so little time. Which wines to buy? Which ones offer the best value? Do you have to spend a fortune to get something half drinkable?  In Quaff 2011 you’ll find tasting notes for more than 350 standout wines, all under $15. Quaff 2011 also lets you in on more than 100 great- value wines over $15, imported wines for under $20, cask wines that are well worth buying, plus a one-stop list of the top 20 quaffing wines of 2010. On Blackheath and Lawson Reference shelves.



Read On…Life Stories: Reading Lists for Every Taste

Useful as a reference for readers’ advisors, this work offers brief descriptions of about 450 published memoirs, from classic to recent bestsellers. Titles are grouped together by their emphasis on character, story, setting, language, and mood, and further divided into sections on topics such as unusual childhoods, coming of age, life-altering experiences, life in rural America, various occupations, travel, spiritual journeys, family relationships, and struggling with mental illness. The book is indexed by author, title, location, era, profession, ethnicity, and genre. Reisner is a librarian specializing in readers’ advisory services. On Blaxland reference shelves


IFLA Public Library Services Guidelines

These guidelines aim to assist us to better develop effective services, relevant collections, and accessible formats within the context and requirements of the local community.  In our Staff Reference collection at Library Headquarters. Staff Reference titles can be borrowed. Just put them on your card.

The seafaring dictionary

Seafarers language is a complex mixture of the strange and the familiar, including words taken from many English dialects, coined words, slang words, words used by mariners speaking other tongues, and words developed to identify occupations, titles, equipment, or activities. With its many intricate nuances, ‘navalese’ can be as esoteric and incomprehensible to the layperson as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. No longer so with this dictionary which should be a helpful reference for researchers and laymen who want to understand nautical speech and customs, but it should also be of use for professional seafarers who cannot always be familiar with the complex vocabularies of today’s specialized maritime occupations, let alone those of bygone ages. On the Reference shelves at Springwood.

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NEW!!!!! Reference

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Junior Reference

At all our branches in Junior Reference, we have just received the following titles from Australia’s Best series:

Humanitarians; Medical Workers; Inventors; Heroes and Adventurers (some copies still on order at time of writing); and Scientists (blogged about earlier). You will find them all in R920s.

Great resource for homework.

Medicinal Plants in Australia: vol 1 Bush Pharmacy

The discovery of the pharmacy of the Australian bush began when humankind first set foot on the continent. Later, the first European visitors found a plethora of plants new to science, with a resultant fervour for unique and unusual finds that erupted into botanical circles. The records of those pioneers, combined with Aboriginal experience, led to the formation of an extensive, if informal, Australian materia medica with widespread practical and clinical appeal. In many instances, the value of the medicinal discoveries of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries has been enhanced by contemporary research, summarised in each chapter, which lends increasing support to their traditional uses. Held at Springwood, 615.321 WIL.

Oxford Companion to family and local history

The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History is an authoritative guide available to all things associated with the family and local history of the British Isles. It provides practical and contextual information for anyone enquiring into their English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh origins and for anyone working in genealogical research, or the social history of the British Isles. This fully revised and updated edition contains over 2,000 entries from adoption to World War records. Recommended web links for many entries are accessed and updated via the Family and Local History companion website. Held at Springwood R929.1 OXF.



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Health Reference

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Health information online

We have many resources available to us in order to complete health enquiries. Apart from the material you will find in the 610s in ANF and in Reference, there are many reputable online resources available.

Web sites:

I have added a collection of good Health web sites to our Delicious account. Check them out here.

The following are included in the Delicious selection and are well worth exploring when you get the chance: MedlinePlus (US), Health Insite (Aus), Lab Tests Online (Aus), Patients UK.

Premium Sites:

And of course, we have the Consumer Health Complete database. Access it here.

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book

Recently added to Reference, this health title  presents authoritative, current medical information for each family member from newborn to elderly. The editors have arranged the material in six broad divisions: living well, common conditions and concerns through life’s stages, making sense of your symptoms, first aid and emergency care, diseases and disorders, tests and treatments.  Copies at all branches (R613/May).


The Gale encyclopedia of surgery and medical tests (new)

Written for patients and students by experts in the field, The Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery and Medical Tests provides coverage of approximately 450 surgical procedures, medical tests and related topics, such as anesthetics, common lab test and procedures, medications and postoperative care. Additional features include full-color illustrations and photographs, bibliographies of further reading sources, a glossary of medical terminology and a comprehensive index. Copies held at Katoomba and Springwood Reference (R 617 GAL)



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New reference titles

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Scientists (Australia’s Best)

This one is a junior reference title with biographical information on Australian scientists, from the popular series Australia’s Best. Copies are held at all branches (JR 509.22 FER).

For queries about Australian science and scientists, try the Australia + Science sites on our Delicious account. It includes the Encyclopedia of Australian Science which contains over 3,000 biographies.

Who said that first?

The title says it all and the subtitle “The curious origins of common words and phrases” may draw you in.  This collection sets out to credit – as far as it is possible to do so – the people who actually created many familiar terms in common use. So if you want to know who said “extraterresttrial”, “my lips are sealed”  and “nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more” first, go to the Springwood reference collection (808.882/CRY)

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New 2 reference

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Style : the essential guide for journalists and professional writers

“Used by more than 120 newspapers and websites and more than 30 magazines, News Limited’s Style explains the grammar, spelling and punctuation rules used by Australia’s premier news-gathering organisation, its writers and its editors” – Revised and updated for the web. One copy in Reference at Springwood (808.027 STY)

Concise Guide to Medicines and Drugs

Updated edition from the Royal Australian College of General Practioners.  Essential quick reference to more than 2000 prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Jargon free and with the latest information.

One copy held in Springwood Reference (615.1 ROY)

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Body books in Reference

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What’s new in Reference?

Anatomy & physiology made incredibly visual!

This book uses graphic presentation to maximize the power of visual thinking in understanding anatomy and physiology. Detailed and colorful photographs, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids demonstrate the anatomic structures and physiologic processes of each body system.

One copy has been added to Reference at Katoomba library (612 ANA)


The Concise Human Body Book

This is a great reference tool. A jaw-dropping interactive top-to-toe tour of the body. It features 3D images that reveal the major anatomic systems in molecular detail. Includes: how the nervous system works, the construction of skeleton and muscles, how the body protects itself.

One copy at Lawson Reference (612 PAR). This is such a great title that there is also a copy coming to ANF and more to REF at other branches soon.

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Reference: How things work and animals

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New titles added to Reference across branches

How things work Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia will help young readers discover how things are made and work. They’ll discover how the human body stays alive, what keeps a plane in the sky, why fireworks go ‘bang’, the amazing process that makes a plant grow, and much, much more. It is full of bite-sized facts, curiosity quizzes and special weird-or-what features that kids will love getting their teeth into, there’s lots to see and explore. Useful for homework or just for fun.

Copies at Blaxland, Lawson and Blackheath Reference (603 HOW)

Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife

A completely revised and updated edition of a classic. This practical and informative volume covers all the intriguing mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and inverterbrates that inhabit Australia. More than 100 academic scientists and science writers have contributed their knowledge to this comprehensive book.

Copies in Reference at Lawson, Wentworth Falls and Blackheath libraries    (591.99403 ENC)

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