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If you get the chance to do this course, take it!

Watch this; you may see some people you recognise!

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Database Training: Consumer Health Complete (part 3)

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Welcome to part 3 (the last one) of Consumer Health Complete database training. Nearly there!

Need a refresher? See Part 1 and/or Part 2. Watch the 4 minute training video again here.

Access Consumer Health Complete via the Premium Sites page or directly by clicking on the logo button above.

Advanced Search

To access the Advanced Search screen, click on the Advanced Search link towards the top of the screen.

The Advanced Search gives you the option to limit by document type, dates and more. Have a look around. Try some searches. Would you see some benefits to use this search in some cases?

Create an account

It is possible to create an account which will be valid with all EBSCO databases. 

Create an account for yourself.  At some stage down the track, I would like to give you some info on how account settings can be personalised. But feel free to experiment!

Directing patrons to the database

Instruct your patrons to go to the council web site, select Library Services, select Premium Sites on the menu on the left hand side, then select the database. If they are accessing the database from home, they will be prompted to insert their library membership number to gain access.


Here are some exercises for you to practice some of the search options you have looked at over the 3 parts of this training:

  1. My doctor says I have to have a bone scan.  Please tell me what’s involved.
  2. I’m pregnant and was wondering if you had any videos about what to expect during pregnancy and for the birth?
  3. I need some information on echinacea.
  4. I’m doing an HSC Personal Interest Project on anorexia. Have you got any resources?
  5. I need a lateral view of the brain. 
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Database Training: Consumer Health Complete (part 2)

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Welcome to part 2 of the Consumer Health Complete database training! In part one, we explored some of the search options. Here we will look at more options and on how to search for particular formats.

Want to review Part 1? Click here. To watch the short video tutorial (about 4 minutes) again, click here.

You can access Consumer Health Complete on our Premium Sites page or click on the logo button above to access the database directly.

Browsing a resource

With Consumer Health Complete, you can search for information within a particular resource. Look at the titles listed under  Browse Popular Sources. Explore one or two. Is this a search that could suit some of your health information queries?

Searching the Medical Dictionary

Not sure about a particular term? You can also use the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary. It may be useful to clarify meaning or spelling. Click on the Medical Dictionary link and enter a search term. It functions as a browse search, so you can only put the beginning of a term. Try these perhaps: “amphiblastic”, “sabadilla”, words starting with “myo”. Once you have looked up an entry, click search for your word in Consumer Health Complete. Explore the results.

Search by Topic

You can select a topic and maybe  a sub-topic. Your search will then be limited to the topics you have selected. For example, select the topic beauty, then select plastic surgery, then enter botox in the find box. Explore the results.

Multimedia formats

Videos, animations, Images and Diagrams

Consumer Health Complete offers a range of formats. The animations help patients understand diagnostics and surgical procedures. The videos provide information about common diseases, conditions, and procedures. Included with each video is a full HTML transcript of the video dialogue.

How to search for videos or animations, and images and diagrams

One way is to select the Videos & Animations or Images and Diagrams as source-type. The results will show a different icon for videos and for animations. Images and diagrams results have a thunmnail version. Try a search using heart as a keyword for each source-type. Explore the results.

Another way is to do a Basic Search first and then select the Videos & Animations or Images & Diagrams tabs, should results be available there. Try it using heart again. You should get the same results.

Part 3 is next!

We will look at the advanced search features, creating an account and other bits and pieces.

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Database Training: Consumer Health Complete (part 1)

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Consumer Health Complete: content of training (part 1)

  • Read: Overview of Consumer Health Complete
  • Watch: Video Tutorial
  • Explore: Basic searching;  Source-type searching; Quick-find searching; Browsing a resource; Searching the Medical dictionary;

Read this: Overview of Consumer Health Complete

Consumer Health Complete offers up-to-date health information in a range of formats.

How do I access Consumer Health Complete (CHC)? CHC is a database part of the EBSCO and NSW.net suite and it can be accessed via our Premium Sites page.

What content is available on Consumer Health Complete?

  • Encyclopedias and Reference Books
  • Evidence-Based Reports
  • Drug Information Frequently Updated
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Human Atlas Animations

Finding Information

Consumer Health Complete (CHC) offers various options to find information such as Basic and Advanced searching, the Quick Find feature, the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary. We will explore these searching options and others below.

Watch this

Click here: Consumer Health Complete Training Flash Video

Note that there are not time restriction to watch this vid as it is not on YouTube.

Explore these searches… (practice breeds confidence)

Basic Search

Using the Find box on the Homepage, find information on “tennis elbow” (or your favourite/current health issue). Explore the results under the various tabs. Email yourself an item.

Source-type searching

Search in Drug and Herb Information for information on olive leaf (or anything that takes your fancy). Explore the results.

Quick-Find Search

Search for information on Hay Fever (or whatever you like) using the Quick Find search. Explore the results. Check out the Related Information. Expand on the topic by selecting the More InDepth Information on this condition link, where available.

Other parts of the training

Click here for Part 2.

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Readers’ Advisory Training

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Congratulations to the first group who finished their Rewarding Reading Readers’ Advisory training on Wednesday 17th March.

Rita, Melanie, Maxine, Gillian, Aniko, Eleonora and Vanessa have worked hard, given their all and hopefully learned some new skills to enhance their enjoyment and commitment to their work and our library services. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation.

Vicki joined us for the last session where we talked about some ideas for the future and gave the participants a lovely notebook each.

It wasn’t all hard work – we went out to play at lunch time.

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Good Reading Online Tutorial

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I hope you have had a chance to play with Good Reading Online!

You may want to check out the tutorial to find out more about the features that GRO offers.
Your expertise will be needed once we promote it widely and loudly….


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What training is needed?

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I-Force Team members will be doing 15 to 20 minutes training sessions at Upper, Lower and Information Services team meetings. The training can be reference related or about general library procedures. We are developing a training calendar and trying to isolate priorities. To help us, could you tell us what training you’d like to see in these sessions? You can respond by contacting an I-Force team member (Anna, Barbara, Eleonora, Felicity, Heidi, John or Patou) or by posting a comment here.
At your next team meeting, the following HSC web sites will be look at. If you have time, you could have a look at them first:
NSW board of Studies, NSW HSC Online, Bored of Studies, Inside Break.

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